We are a team of trial lawyers with a specific focus on eminent domain cases.
We are skilled in negotiation, mediation, and trial to obtain full compensation for you and will obtain a beneficial result for you.

We know the law of eminent domain and will provide you value for our services. Regardless of whether you are experiencing a whole taking or a partial taking, an easement taking or a fee taking, the Ziegler Law Group will never charge you a fee.

It will always be paid by the condemning authority, and we will take no compensation from you.


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Felecia Ziegler has practiced law for more than thirty years with two decades of experience in eminent domain, takings and condemnation law. Felecia began her career as a commercial litigator and trial lawyer representing businesses and individuals in local and multi-state disputes. When she transitioned into the field of eminent domain, she honed her skills representing condemning authorities such as the State of Florida, Department of Transportation, Turnpike Enterprise, and the South Florida Water Management District. Felecia has earned an excellent reputation for her negotiation, mediation and trial accomplishments as well as her ability to work with landowners, attorneys and condemning authorities to fairly and beneficially resolve takings cases. She has developed significant relationships with the premier experts in the field of eminent domain in Florida and continues to work with them today.

During her successful career, Felecia has represented homeowners, businesses, convenience stores, storage facilities, farms, greenhouses, manufacturing facilities, funeral homes, office buildings and many other types of properties and property owners when their property is taken or threatened to be taken by eminent domain. She provides personal attention and knowledge to obtain a desired result for her clients. She will bring her knowledge of representing property owners, tenants, business owners and the State of Florida to benefit you.

Felecia will work tirelessly to protect your rights under Florida law and for you to receive the amount of compensation you are due for a taking. Whether she is representing you in a whole taking or a partial taking, for an easement or a fee taking, she will never charge you a fee. She will always be paid by the condemning authority and take no compensation from you.


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Another native of Orlando, Elizabeth attended Edgewater High School and stayed in state for her collegiate and law school educations graduating from rival universities. Despite receiving her law degree with honors from the University of Florida, she remains loyal to Florida State University from which she received her BS in Media Communication, also with honors.

After law school graduation, Elizabeth began working as a litigator which she did full time for thirteen years. In those years, she split time between small litigation firms and the Florida Attorney General, where she exclusively litigated eminent domain matters, along with Ms. Ziegler, on behalf of various governmental agencies. In 2010, she switched tracks and began teaching Business Law as a full time instructor at Full Sail University for students in the Entertainment and Music Business Bachelors degree programs. Simultaneously, she began serving as a Special Magistrate for numerous central Florida Value Adjustment Boards presiding over ad valorem tax disputes.

In addition to her teaching and part-time magistrate work, Elizabeth has now joined the Ziegler Law Group of counsel to work with Ms. Ziegler in representing property owners, business owners and tenants in defending their eminent domain takings.

Florida’s ever-growing population drives the need for building new roads and highways, widening existing roads and highways, constructing new schools, and expanding or adding utilities including natural gas and electric power. Under Florida’s law and constitution, the government can only take your property to expand the state’s infrastructure if it proves it needs your property for a public purpose and pays you full compensation.